Zoom, Camera & Hi-Fi is a business run by three members.

It is a retail outlet situated at Eastgate Shopping Centre for the past five years.

The nature of this operation is retail of photographic, audio and visual equipment and all related accessories.

The three members are Terry Lentzakis, Mario Dos Santos and Carlos Ferreira.

All three members have been involved cumulatively in the electronic/photo retail market for the past forty years.

The success of Zoom, Camera & Hi-Fi in the EastRand is due to the following strengths within the company:

  1. Members specialised knowledge of related products.
  2. Members reputation within the industry.
  3. Product range.
  4. Professional service and back up of all products on offer.
  5. Extensive display of the latest products.
  6. Up to date product range and the demonstration thereof.
  7. Due to the buying power of the business we enjoy full support of all our suppliers.
  8. Extensive advertising in the media.
  9. Regular mini-exhibitions within the shopping centre.
  10. Spring audio-visual show at Eastgate, held annually.
  11. Marketing of the business through co-op advertising with suppliers.

As with all successful businesses the time has come to expand and find new avenues for growth.

Of the 3 members only one is still active in the business Carlos Ferreira.